Opening a salt pool is almost like opening a chlorine pool, there are a few exceptions.

The cell must be cleaned with a salt cell cleaner since that is where microscopic dirt and scale accumulate.

Salt systems do not work in very cold water in the spring.  In that case, chlorine will have to be used until the water warms up.

Remove all leaves etc, from the bottom of the pool.

Balance the water ie: total alcalinity, pH.

Salt pool opening kit is used next.

What is the level of salt in the water?  (Salt from the previous year is still there).  A test is needed and will tell you how much to add.

Then comes the Pristiva Primer to protect against scale, stains, cloudy water, algae.

Your pool is now ready to use.

The Pristiva line, used exclusively in salt pools will help.

N.B.: An easy pool opening starts with a proper closing, balanced water, a closing kit which will activate in the spring and no leaves in the water.